What’s going on here?

Retto is a new music related community, which updates products, links and websites on a daily basis. In this community you can vote, post your opinions on the product listed and share with other music geeks.

So how it works?

Click here to learn.

How do I submit a product?

Its really easy !
After registering and logging in, click the “+” button in the top right and submit the products’ URL, name, and tagline. Each post should include the following:

  • URL – Direct link to the product page (avoid links to press or blogs)
  • Product Name
  • Product Description – Very short description of the product ! If the product hasn’t been submitted before and meets the community guidelines, you will be crowned the hunter for that product.
  • Choose Category

I submitted a product and I don’t see it on the homepage.

Every day, a lot of new products are submitted to Retto. Unfortunately, not everything can be featured on the homepage but those that receive legitimate upvotes from the community, may rise to the top. In some cases, products are removed if they do not meet our community guidelines.

What kind of products do you allow on Retto?

Retto is for sharing new, interesting music stuff. It isn’t the place for blog posts, news articles, events, or contract services.

What about products that have been around a while?

People visit Retto.me to discover new inspiring things. While most submissions should be for new products, Since “new” is subjective, we reserve the right to remove submissions that may be well known within the community.

How are products ranked?

Every day, new products are submitted and upvoted by the community, ranked by the number of upvotes, time since submission, and other factors.

Can I ask people to upvote for my product?

Please don’t. People should upvote things they genuinely like or find interesting, not because they were peer pressured to do so. Feel free to spread the word and bring friends into the discussion, but asking or persuading people to upvote may trigger the algorithm to drop the product in the ranks or remove it from the front page entirely.

Why are posts removed?

Posts may be removed from Retto if they are duplicate, off topic, offensive, submitted by a company Twitter account, or in violation of our Terms.

If you think a post was removed in error, please drop us a line at Info@retto.me

How can I reach you?

Feel free to contact us by email at Info@retto.me or on Twitter @Retto.me

Who’s behind Retto?

Its nice of you to ask. 🙂 Here more about us here.


Thanks for Producthunt inspiration